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Mathew Jonson, in his performance at the KER club Barcelona. Photo by: German Parga

This photography is taken from a slightly low angle shot and medium plane from waist to head. There is law of the look, the eyes of the photographed observed at a fixed point in this case is the mixer. With regard to light is an artificial light, an outbreak of red and one orange light on the left side of the photo, and stresses the lamp stand white artificial light incident on the mixer. The photo props as the mixer and the colored lights allow create a nightlife disco in this photographed. The photographed face reflects a sense of concentration on his work.


‘Bomba de Vallekas’ with olive and ham. Photo by: Rosa Rivas

This photography is taken from one shot level and in the foreground. The composition is completely centered in the white framework of the picture. The lighting is artificial, as if observed in olive reflection of a focus there. The contrast of green, red and white image does create a sense of texture and volume. The white background allows emphasize color tones of food. In addition, the toothpick also takes a significant time to give volume and texture to the photo paper. The whole image makes photography an appetizing image.

10 DECEMBER 2013


A man fills containers with water to warm and soak clothes in a laundry in Bombay (India). Photo by: Danish Siddiqui

This photograph is made from one shot level and on a general level. There is a law of the horizon and also a law of thirds to three points of interest (Male, hose and beam). In this photo there rhythm with the three beam lights that appear in the image. Regarding the lighting is natural light in the sun’s rays affect the top of the image through slits. The tones are gray and dull image that gives a sense of darkness, but the light beam and hose yellow highlight in the whole image with bright colors. The image atrezzos like the barrels, rubbish and rubble creates a poor environment and lack of resources.


A multicolored umbrella inside the FNB stadium in Soweto, near Johannesburg (South Africa) during the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Photo by: Markus Schreiber

This photography is made from a high angle shot and at a general level. The most relevant of this photo is the rhythms that make the entire image oranges chairs and stairs of the central part of the image, giving a feeling of repetitiveness. The image would be harmonious if not for the woman with multicolored umbrella, umbrella figure breaks the harmony created in the image and makes the eye at first be fixed at the lady. Regarding the lighting is natural light as the picture is taken in the morning on an open stadium. The contrasting colors in the image are very large giving liveliness, umbrella bright colors contrast with the orange seats and gray stairs that occupy almost the entire picture.


11 DECEMBER 2013


London Fog wraps as a bride poses for a photograph in Westminster Bridge. Photo by: Olivia Harris

The photo is taken from one shot level and on a general level. There is a law of the horizon and you can see three different levels in the photo (River, british parliament and sky). There is also law of thirds since there are three points of interest (Bride, lamp and parliament). There is also the law of the bride look and fixed his eyes on a fixed point of the image. The picture is made in natural light but due to the fog, light is dim on the far side from the camera. The image is composed of typical gray tones of the English capital. Image is inharmonious as a bride in this context is unusual and calls attention to the viewer.


Marine Le Pen, leader of the political party of the extreme right in France, participates in a press conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Photo by: Vincent Kessler

It is a photograph taken on a level takes and in extreme close-up. This extreme close-up allows see detail of the lady face, forehead wrinkles and dark circles give a sense of volume and texture to the photo. There is a law of the look, photographed stares at a fixed point. The lighting is artificial light and highlights the woman’s face but not much is shown in the picture. The hand that appears at the back of the photograph is blurred giving relevance to the face of the lady.

12 DECEMBER 2013


Several youths slide down a water slide at the theme park Wet N Wild in Prospect, west of Sydney, Australia. Photo by: Dan Himbrechts

It is a photograph on light low-angle shot and set plane that makes owning a narrative descriptive value to the photo. There is the law of the look and the kids are staring at a fixed point in the image. Emergence of rhythm in the picture because of the color waterslides and five children descend on them. The lighting in the image is a natural light, can be seen in the waterslides this natural light falling across the waterslide least the part that is covered. The effect created by the water on the mattresses gives a sense of volume and texture. The tone of the picture with such striking colors creates a child’s environment and leisure as a waterpark.

13 DECEMBER 2013


Cops shot while one of them subject to an fan Paranaense. Photo by: Reuters

It is a photograph on light low-angle shot and set plane that makes owning a narrative descriptive value to the photo. Apparitions of law look at the picture, the police and an amateur staring a fixed point. There is law of thirds, there are three points of interest in photography (Cops, football fan and cloud of smoke). There is rhythm in the picture due to the stadium stairs and iron railings. Regarding the lighting is a natural light. The tonality of colors is varied and inharmonious, noting especially the white cloud of smoke in the center of the image. The photo is inharmonious in a football stadium is not normal for a group of policemen with shotguns to shoot a group of fans.

14 DECEMBER 2013


Lukasz Piszczek, Borussia Dortmund player celebrates his goal against Hoffenheim during the match of the league they have played today. Photo by: Ralph Orlowski

This photography is taken on a level takes and in extreme close-up. The composition is centered, face football player appears in the center of the image. The type selected plane, allows seeing very relevant physical details in the image. Sweat, dark circles, teeth and tongue give a sense of volume and texture, which together represent a person who has made a great physical effort and is photographed in a moment of tension and anger. Regarding the lighting is not well appreciated but is an artificial light because of bulbs that are in the football stadium. With regard to the tonality of the image highlights yellow and black t-shirt and pink face player who can make us feel how cold it is at the time of the snapshot.

15 DECEMBER 2013


José Tomás bullfighting in Huelva in 2012. Photo by: Julián Rojas

The image is taken on a level takes and the plane is full because you see the body of the bullfighter and bull completely. The composition of the image is fully centered. There is law of look in the eyes of the bull as it is looking at a fixed point. Regarding the lighting is a natural light but hardly seen in the picture. The volume and texture take great relevance in the figure of the bull and the cape of the bullfighter. The blood of the bull in the back and the horn and the banderillas create a sense of texture, and in the case of the bullfighter cape having wrinkles give a sense of texture, volume and lightness to the image. The colors in the picture are very significant, contrast brown sand with red cape, bullfighter costume and the blood of the bull. The dark black bull emphasizes the red color of blood. Red represents passion of the bullfighter but also represents the suffering and death of the bull.


Post by: Adrián Olivas Ruiz

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