Gervasio Sánchez: An intrepid photojournalist

The 22th Photography and Journalism Seminar Albarracín (Teruel) closed its doors last October with a pervasive sense of pessimism among participants about the future of the profession, but the director of the event, Gervasio Sánchez, talked about the difficult future of our profession and has recognized that never it was easy.” We can read an article in Heraldo de Aragón about this seminar

During this event more than 200 people participated in the seminar organized by the Fundación Santa María de Albarracín, who, through lectures, audiovisual roundtables, workshops and discussed about the present and the future of this profession.

Gervasio Sanchez was born in Cordoba in 1959. He is graduated in journalism since 1984. He lives in Zaragoza and works in “Heraldo de Aragon” since 1988. For many years Gervasio was in the Gulf War working as a journalist in conflicts of Yugoslavia, África, Asia and América.

Gervasio Sánchez said that crisis was hard and difficult but now there are more talented than before. Investigative journalism disappears due to investment lack which endangers the continuity of information conflict because “companies are not interested” said Sánchez.

The seminar had a length of four days. According to journalists work Gervasio said: “we should pay journalists to have good information” because Internet work sometimes is not paid. In his opinion balance of the four-day seminar is positive because photographers and journalists have shared their professional experiences and different styles. Ana Muller, Pedro Madueño, María Espeus and Roberto Fraile with his new film also participated in the seminary.

A child with a deformed face | Photo by: Gervasio Sánchez

A violent picture of a war

A violent picture of a war | Photo by: Gervasio Sánchez


La censura silenciosa del discurso de Gervasio Sánchez

Post by: Daniel Ferrer

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