The two faces of Interviú Magazine

Interviú is a Spanish magazine created in 1976. It is an historical publication and it was born at the same time than Democracy comes to Spain. When you ask to anyone about Interviú immediately he thinks in erotic photos. Every week in the front page a celebrity naked was photographed. This person usually has known because of his private life and not because of her work, merits, or achievements. The magazine was criticized for a part of society because it serves to make more powerful the gossip press. Despite these photos, if we open the magazine we can see a great investigated photojournalism. They write and take photos about controversial news as political corruption, crimes, money laundering…

So, Interviú has two faces: the investigated journalism and the gossip magazine. In this post we analyze the four November publications and we talk about that.

The first publication of this month is from 4th November to 10th and the protagonist in the front page is Bimba Bosé. We can see another twice the fusion of photography kinds. In the same magazine there are erotic photos of the celebrity taken by Gorka Postigo, this is a great job and transmits the model sensuality. On the other hand the publication shows an investigated report about the street market in Sevilla. He talk about all the Sundays near the Expo, hundred of people sold different items without licenses or any rule. There is a great job with interesting and informative photos about sellers and the stands.

interviu 4 NOV

Front Page of Interviú Magazine 4th November 2013.


In the ilegal way. One young from Romania in one of the ilegal stands in Charco Pava (SEVILLA). By JOSÉ COLÓN

In the second publication, from 11th November to 17th, the front page is a photography about Ana Moya, a Spanish actress who has participated in the last videoclip of Alejandro Sanz. Photos are taken by Andrea Marcaccini. On the other hand we can see a investigated report about an Spanish imprisoned in Morocco. The article explains Consuelo Valle has the pardon of Mohamed VI but She continues in the prison. I think the news redacted by Esther Ortega is interesting but in the report there are some photos and the magazine doesn’t explain who is his author.


Front Page of Interviú Magazine 11th November 2013.


Consuelo Vallés in Moroco before she went to prison. Unkowed author

The third publication is from 18th November to 24th. In this case, the girl who appears in the front page is Valeria, another model from Alicante. The photos taken by Morell are creative and the photograph use different clothes and positions. Inside the magazine we can discover interesting articles. For example, Ana Maria Pascual has written one about the secret documents of Mossos de Escuadra. She shows a people list which classifies protestors according to his political orientation. Jordi Parra has taken the photos. These images contribute to increase information with demonstrations and fights.


Front Page of Interviú Magazine 18th November 2013.


Group of Mossos dÈsquadra in BARCELONA during the 29th March strike in 2012. By Jordi Parra

The last publication is from 25th November to 1st December.  The front page is a photo of Andrea, a contestant of the reality: “Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa”. The photos are taken by César Segarra. In the images bring out the colour blue. It is an interesting resource to show the childish character of Andrea who is only 20 years old. On the other hand we observe an article about the extreme fight: one new combat sport. There are not rules in the combat but it is not allowed hit in the nape, the neck or the genitals. The photos were taken by Adrián Domínguez. The job is very complete and creative. We can see photos of all the combat and the fighters. The images are in black and white colour and the photographer obtains great results with the lights work.


Front Page of Interviú Magazine 25th November 2013.


One free combat where is allow all the martial arts. Sports Center in Virgen del Val (Alacalá de Henares, MADRID). By Adrián Dominguez

In my opinion Interviu has a great photojournalism work with interesting articles and reports. The journalists talk about very seriously subjects and they can go in depth more than a newspaper. But one part of this job was dirtied by the other fraction of the magazine: the erotic photos. I think the photos are not compatibles because it causes one credibility lost. But I know this is probably the success of the magazine in his 37 years of history.


The four november publications of Interviú Magazine.

Post by: Carlos VIllar Ortiga

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